About Us

Improving the Comfort and Performance of Homes & Buildings


Strickland Ewing & Associates was formed in response to the growing consumer interest in “Green Building” and the need for third party consulting and rating services. We have over 14-years of experience in the field including: teaching, extended education classes, speaking at workshops and conferences and co-founding a Green Builder Certification program.

We take a balanced and conservative approach to Green Building believing that the choices of products and systems should be driven by the owner’s wants and needs and have an appropriate payback in terms of up front cost, operating expense, and impacts on the environment.


Max Strickland

Godfather of Green

Often referred to as “the Godfather of Green Building in Northern Michigan”, Max has been connected to the building industry for over 40 years.


Christopher Strickland

The Next Generation


Despite growing up surrounded by the construction industry, Christopher’s path to  performance building was not a direct one.



McKenzie Tompkins

Knowledge is Power


McKenzie’s immense knowledge of performance building is exceeded only by his desire to acquire more of it.